Hippie Era Trikes On

Hippie Era Trikes On

It appears the aging bikers, many of whom were hippies, are favoring three wheels over two. In recent shows on Orange County Choppers TV series, they have built a few trikes for their customers.

As the hippie crowd generation gets older now they learn that it is much easier with all the aches and pains to ride on three wheels. Many have arthritis along with bad or week legs and have a need to go with riding a Trike.

Many trikers who have rode trikes for years have always known the advantages of riding a three wheel bike over a regular motorcycle. You have more leg room, haul a bigger load, safer during accident, and the list goes on. Lots of bikers throughout the years have frowned upon the triker as not being a ‘Real Biker’. It now appears those same bikers are moving into the trike arena. One fact here is by the new ‘Front Trike’ motorcycles that are beginning to arrive on the roadways. Recently at Daytona Bike week there was an increase in trikes and trikers over the past years.

All of this brings us to one conclusion that we Trikers know.

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Save Money on Gas, Buy a Trike


Mister E

What is a Trike you may ask. A trike is simply a three wheel motorcycle. If you don\’t like the idea of riding a motorcycle, don\’t stop reading just yet. You might be surprised how car like some of these three wheel motorcycles are. They are not all like the classic three wheel Harley you might see in a local parade. Many smaller independent manufactures are producing car like vehicles with three wheels instead of four. There are a number of reasons for three wheels, one of the biggest is it is easier to get a new vehicle certified as a motorcycle in the US than it is to have it certified as a car. The thing that you and I can benefit from is the incredible gas mileage that these three wheel motorcycles get.

Do to their lighter weight and smaller engines, many of these vehicles could potentially double the miles per gallon you are currently getting in an average passenger car. Or better yet, you can go with an electric and not use any gas at all. To see what is coming to the world of electric three wheel motorcycles check out www.aptera.com or www.zapworld.com, you just might be surprised what you will be able to park in your driveway in the near future. Do you live outside the US? You might be able to get your hands on a Carver (www.carver-worldwide.com) a very exciting cross between a motorcycle and a car that will have you hunting for corners to carve up.

Are you convinced yet that a three wheel motorcycle just might be what you are looking for to save money at the pump? Then why not head over to google and do a search for ‘three wheel car’? Who knows, you may find yourself riding around in a ‘motorcycle’ that really feels a lot more like a car.

If you want to get an idea of what trikes are currently available for purchase you can go to the Three Wheel Motorcycles site.

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